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Creating Fashion Accents

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This course teaches how to design and make fashion accents utilizing natural, man-made materials and a wide varieties of tools and techniques.


In this course, you learn how to make unusual and expressive decorative accents for dress necklines, collars, cuffs, buttons, buckles for belts, which will complement and accentuate your outfits. Also, you learn how to make other types of accents like decorations for your hair, for your handbag, and shoes.


Throughout this course, you will design and make some accents of your choice. Overall, this course will give you an opportunity to express your individuality, taste, and have unique outfits to wear!

Before the course begins, we invite students to schedule one hour with the instructor for a free introductory orientation to develop ideas for your accents, and to receive recommendations where to purchase materials and some tools which you will need for your work. All equipment provided by The Little Studio. Students will have to buy some small tools and materials costing about $50.​

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