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The Art of Marquetry


Marquetry is an ancient art and craft of creating decorative patterns, designs and pictures by skillfully utilizing the grain and colors of thin wooden veneers and applying them to a wooden base. 

Utilizing these techniques, students can create many creative items, for example, pictures for wall decorations, decorative picture frames, and decorative tops of wooden boxes. Students can create their own design, or select motifs from the internet.

Before the course begins, we invite students to schedule one hour with the instructor for a free introductory orientation to develop ideas for your marquetry, and to receive recommendations where to purchase materials and some tools which you will need for your work. All equipment provided by The Little Studio. Students will need to purchase a Veneer Variety-Pack from, a piece of plywood (1/4” thick, size suitable for project), a plastic kitchen cutting board, an Xacto knife with small blades, carpenter glue,  and sandpaper for a total approximate cost of $50.

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